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Evenin's Fa by Scott Murray Evenin's Fa' by Scott Murray (2012)

1. Cartwheel
2. Clarabad Mill
3. A Dyker's Compliments
4. February
5. Gathersnaw Hill
6. Mary's Song
7. To Roll Her In Ma Plaidie
8. Kings and Pipers
9. I Thought I Had No Voice
10. She's Hoy'd Me Out O Lauderdale
11. A Small Place In Assynt
12. Maggie's Song
13. We'll Follow The Music

Price: £12 (inc P+P)

“stunning close harmony...the tingle factor in spades”  Folk Roots

“cream of the crop...stunningly good...a big warm sound that sucks you into the song” The Scotsman

“…incredible…an emotion-filled performance that raised the hair on my head and led to a well-deserved standing ovation”. Cape Breton Post

Sharp & Sweet by The Sangsters Sharp & Sweet by Sangsters (2000)

1. The Fause Bride
2. My Bonnie Mary (Gae Fetch Tae Me a Pint O Wine)
3. Willie Brewed a Peck O' Maut
4. Beware O Bonnie Ann
5. O, That I Had Ne'er Been Married
6. Lover's Heart
7. Lassie Think Lang
8. Refuse and Perfume
9. The Mill, Mill O
10. Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast
11. Parcel O Rogues
12. Guiding Light, Evening Star
13. Barbara Allan
14. Tail Toddle
15. Away Ye Broken Heart
16. Hallowe'en
17. Duncan Gray
18. Lady Mary Ann
19. A Dyker's Compliments to Her Neighbours
20. Somewhere Along the Road

Price: £12 (inc P+P)

Begin by The Sangsters Begin by Sangsters (1994)

1. Jesse
2. Feed The Children
3. Heart Like A Wheel
4. Chorus Song
5. The Lea-Rig
6. The White Cockade
7. Sheath And Knife
8. C-Rap
9. Some Kind Of Love
10. Will Ye Gang Love
11. Steal Away
12. Helen Of Kirkconnel
13. Simple Melody
14. Golden Golden
15. Silence And Tears
16. The Quiet Comes In

Price: £12 (inc P+P)



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